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Rectangle cabochons

Shop Rectangle Cabochons gemstones for jewelry making, natural Rectangle shaped semi precious stone Cabochons for sale online.
A cabochon with four sides, like a rectangle-shaped cabochon, to be used in making jewelries may seem unconventional, but they are actually equally gorgeous as their rounded and semi-rounded counterparts.
Our rectangular cabochon collection includes plainly-polished flat back cabochons as well as faceted, and they come in either sharp or slightly rounded edges. The faceted ones look almost like tiny smoothly-finished pyramids that give a sparkling effect when being stricken by light, surely adding brilliance to the overall look of the one wearing it, capturing the eyes of onlookers. We also have slightly-domed and perfectly-domed shapes for you to choose from that come in small to large sizes.
There are approximately 23 types of gemstones used in our rectangular cabochon collection, with 113 specific pieces to choose from. We have elongated rectangles and square-like ones as well. Oblique or transparent, multicolored and patterned or plain, whichever you think best fits your taste and your jewelry-making collection, we got them in stock for you--just easily browse through our wide array of cabochon choices. Among our featured rectangle cabochons are turquoise-colored and those made of rare gemstones.
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