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Rhodochrosite cabochons

Shop Rhodochrosite Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Rhodochrosite Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Famously known for its feminine hues that usually range from light pink to bright red, Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that is relatively rarely distributed compared to other manganese minerals. The stone’s alluring raspberry pink to rose pink tinges make attractive jewelry collection additions. Although Rhodochrosite stones are usually in pink or red hues, they can also appear in other tones including yellow, cinnamon brown, yellowish gray and white, and are, most of the time, beautifully banded. In the jewellery industry, it takes professional lapidary and stone polishing skills to make Rhodochrosite stones into cabochons and beads to be used as materials in making designers jewelries, as the stone is relatively soft and delicate--with a hardness level of 3.5 to 4 in the Mohs scale.
Our shop offers high-quality Rhodochrosite cabochons in mostly raspberry pink tinctures. Our Rhodochrosite cabochons feature beautiful bands with patterns in black, gray / dark gray, brown and white streaks and patches. Most of the pieces in this collection are skillfully cut and polished by our professional gemcutters, while some are only lightly polished to maintain their beautiful drusy textures. The usual shapes you can find in this collection are simple geometrical ones--square, triangle, round and oval--and other fancy shapes including a half-cut Rhodochrosite stone cabochon.
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