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Rhodonite cabochons

Shop Rhodonite Cabochons gemstones for jewelry design or making, natural Rhodonite Cabochons loose stones for sale online.
Rhodonite is a manganese silicate mineral that is often confused for Rhodochrosite because of its pink and red tones, which both stones are popular for. However, it differs from the latter as Rhodonite stones tend to exhibit more black veins--which are known to be black manganese oxide veins, while Rhodochrosite has more white. Other color variations of the stone include orange red and brown red. Rhodonite stones also form in rectangular and tabular prismatic crystals, and are more often grainy. As a popular gemstone, Rhodonite, with its pearly to vitreous luster, are usually made into cabochons and beads to be used in creating magnificent jewelry pieces for every woman’s jewellery collection.
Our shop offers top-notch Rhodonite cabochons in round, pear, oval and fancy distorted circle shapes.Most of which are highly polished, but one is just polished lightly to highlight the stone’s fashionable drusy side. Among our Rhodonite cabochons is a pair of purple cabochons that are perfect for making a pair of earrings. The round-shaped variety of our Rhodonite cabochons feature Rhodonite stones in blush blush to ordinary pink hues, with splendid patterns in them. Some are also in gray and brown shades.
Rhodonite stones are believed to clear old patterns away and opens one to their true passion, and are good for people who want to achieve their dreams and ambitions.
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