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Rhodonite earrings stone

Our Rhodonite earrings stones are available in shades of pink, black, and in a beautiful hodgepodge of colors, and all have equally stunning matrices and some traces of either black or gray that make the stones look even more attractive. Polished into either a glassy or slightly glassy luster, our very own creative designers and gem cutters made sure that all pieces are handmade and are skillfully crafted to give our customers only the best-quality Rhodonite earrings stones without compromising durability and style.
Among our famous Rhodonite earrings stone designs are leaf, bird, feather, teardrop and flower, with other simple shapes including basic geometrical forms like oval and rectangle. Most of them have fashionable opaque appearance, except for the leaf-shaped stones that seemingly appear a bit translucent. Opaque Rhodonite earrings stones are relatively more durable than translucent ones, but both are still susceptible to scratches. That is why, Rhodonite earrings are just perfect since earrings do not receive much impact and abrasions compared to other jewelries.
Rhodonite earrings stones are not only sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts because of its beauty. Additionally, these stones are known to have good metaphysical properties like emotional healing and releasing self-destructive behaviors, and replacing them with emotions like self-worth and stability.
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