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Rose Quartz earrings stone

Rose Quartz is among the most popular earrings stones in the jewelry market, not only because of the stone’s inherent beauty but also because of its good metaphysical and healing properties.
Among our handmade Rose Quartz earrings stone designs are round, tie, flower, and other specially carved shapes including those that look like peeled pineapples and pear. All pieces are made from premium-quality Rose Quartz stones, and they come in perfectly symmetrical pairs with light blush pink saturation that are either translucent or a bit cloudy. Polished into nice glassy luster, these earrings stones give a kind of glimmer that is surely head-turning and eye-catching. Moreover, their light blush pink color signifies both simplicity and brilliance, is very soothing to the onlookers’ eyes, and highlights a woman’s femininity even more.
Not only considered as a popular stone used to put babies to sleep and for people who have sleeping disorders, Rose Quartz is also believed to promote love, healing and peace. The stone represents unconditional love, and is good for people who are trying to establish stronger and healthier personal relationships.
Suitable for making drop and dangle earrings pairs, our Rose Quartz earrings stones already have top holes for easier earrings set assembly--which is just perfect especially for making DIY earrings sets.
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