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Serpentine earrings stone

Our Serpentine earrings stones collection has a wide selection of beautifully mottled and spotted Serpentine stones with brilliant green, yellowish green, light green, or gray saturation that come in perfectly symmetrical pairs. All pieces mostly have opaque appearance with either glassy luster or slightly rough texture that are both fashionable. The best-selling designs include specially carved leaf-shaped stones, teardrop, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, and tie to name a few. Other exciting designs are shapes like feather, carved teardrop, trapezoid and marquise which all have elongated orientation that is perfect for making drop and dangle earrings sets. As Serpentine’s hardness plays just around 3 - 6 on the Mohs scale, earrings sets made from it are a good pick.
Although perfect for a casual and laid-back getup because of the stone’s combined patterns and color, a pair of earrings made from it could also match a formal getup--especially those with complementing colors. The stone’s appearance itself is also mystical and tempting all at once, which can hook onlookers to its beauty.
According to gem experts, Serpentine stones do not only possess innate splendor. It also has good metaphysical properties including enhancing the ability to meditate and ease stress, that is good for anyone who wants to de-stress and have peace of mind.
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