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Shell earrings stone

There is so much more to sea shells than just lying meters underwater and on the sea floor. As much as these sea creatures decorate the seas, sea shells are also found to be magnificent ornaments and body embellishments. In fact, gem-quality sea shells are polished and cut into beads and loose stones to be used in making various jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets, and most especially earrings.
Our collection of Shell earrings stones features high-quality shell gemstones that are meticulously polished and carved into dainty earrings stones with various sizes and in different exciting shapes by our own skilled gem cutters. Most of them have very smooth faces, but some were also left to have their natural beautifully rough textures retained. Some, like the teardrop, tie and oval-shaped shell earrings stones have plain faces, but others also have much complicated carvings--like the specially carved pink conch shell stones that feature flowers, starfish, mermaid, and lion head. A large number of our shell earrings stones have solid colors--like pink--but there are also those with a seemingly 2-color ombre combination. Equally beautiful are our sheen-colored shell earrings stones in shapes of leaves.
These shell earrings stones are perfect to pair a summer-ready, a coachella or a boho getup, and its glossy texture makes the stones even more stunning.
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