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Slice earrings stone

Cutting and shaping semi precious stones into different forms - common or sophisticated - is a usual phenomenon in the jewellery industry. However, there is one style that is now emerging and is being adopted by various gem collectors and businesses all over the world - it’s the slice style of cutting gemstones. A slice gemstone is a gemstone that is cut [usually halfway] in order to show off what’s inside it. Although they are not very common, slice gemstone pieces are equally fashionable like their common and sophisticated-shape counterparts. In fact, slice stones are used in making different jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Our slice earring stones collection features a hodgepodge of earring stones made from high-quality semi precious gems that exhibit different exciting colors, color combinations and patterns. These type of earring stones are not necessarily cut to resemble particular shapes and forms, but the very unique looks of their edges are quite fashionable. The stones’ unique crystal habit is what sets slice earring stones apart from the other shapes, and what makes them very attractive.
We have a wide selection of slice earring stone choices for everyone, covering almost all colors in the spectrum including those with multiple shades and with metallic sheen effect.
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