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Sodalite earrings stone

Popularly known for its royal blue to violet color, Sodalite is an ornamental gemstone that is making a name in the jewellery industry. Although this stone lacks the hardness of a rock gemstone--with a hardness score playing around 5.5 to 6 in the Mohs scale--it is widely used in making beautiful jewellery pieces and accessories, especially those that do not get much impact and abrasion when worn like earrings.
Our Sodalite earring stones come in brilliant blue shades with patches and streaks of white, black, brown and gray. Some may appear dominantly opaque, but they possess a fashionable translucency, that a streak of light would highlight the beauty they hold. Available in different exciting shapes and designs like leaf, triangle, oval, round, teardrop and trapezoid, all our Sodalite earring stones have top drills which make them very suitable for making fashionable drop [and maybe dangling] earrings. The beautiful color streaks that complement with the stones’ deep blue color make them more eye-catching. Whether in a casual or a vintage getup, these earring stones would make perfect accessories.
These earring stones are also believed to bring its wearer emotional balance, and are good for calming panic attacks aside from improving self-esteem and intuition.


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