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Square cabochons

Square cabochons are among the plain-shaped cabochons that are widely used in the jewellery industry, and we have a wide selection of these types of cabochons in our shop.
Available in different exciting gradients--solid, two-toned, ombre or multicolored with beautiful patterns and patches--representing different gem types, our square cabochons come in mostly two textures, highly polished into vitreous luster, and slightly polished with a matte-like finish. Highly polished square cabochons could either have domed or pointed faces, while the slightly polished ones usually have flat surfaces, with either styles good for wrapping the cabochons in bracelet wires or making them into drop earrings. They usually come in pairs and are perfect for making earrings, but there are some that are also offered in sets and are perfect for making either a necklace or a bracelet piece; some can also be made to order. Whether you prefer translucent / transparent, or opaque cabochons, we got it all for you!
Among our best-selling square cabochons are the Jasper, Agate and Opal, which have exciting patterns and colors. Faceted square cabochons that create sparkling effect when hit by light, those with sheen appearance, and those that feature at least 2 gem types in one stone [like the Ruby and Zoisite cabochon] are also equally attractive and enticing.
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