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Sugilite earrings stone

Our Sugilite earring stones are only available in limited quantities. Sugilite’s rarity is a common knowledge in the gem industry, however amid its supply being limited, our shop still strives to provide our customers only those with the best and premium quality.
Our on-hand Sugilite earring stones are available in half circle and distorted teardrop designs. Both of which have beautiful purple color [although some Sugilite stones can have brilliant pink saturation], with one having a lighter and more obvious purple gradient with dainty patches of black and brown, and the other with a very deep purple gradient that seems to appear as black in plain eyesight. Polished nicely into vitreous luster, they have top holes that make the earring stones very suitable for making drop earrings.
Because of the stones’ elegant purple color, they would perfectly match either a casual or summer getup with complementing colors, like yellow.
In jewellery stores, Sugilite is a famous love stone. In fact, it is considered as the “premier love stone”. Other than this, it also aids those who are suffering from mental illness, emotional stress and despair, and it is good for people who feel socially shy as it gives them a sense of belonging.
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