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Sunstone earrings stone

Among the popular gem earring stones that exhibit beautiful translucency and color brilliance are the Sunstone earring stones. Our collection of these earring stones are skillfully cut by our own gem-cutters, and they come in different exciting designs and gradients. Available in highly polished, faceted or fashionably rough appearance, these semi-precious earring stones are top-holed, with an orientation that is just perfect for making drop earrings.
Our Sunstone earring stones are available in gray, orange, purple and brown [which has the most number], although usually the stone may come in different other shades like green, red and even colorless. Although inherently a piece of eye candy because of its natural aesthetic, our Sunstone earring stones are made even more attractive and eye-catching with the presence of reddish to golden sheen inclusions, especially those that are crafted to have rough surfaces. Remarkable patches and streaks of white and dark gray are also visible, and they add up to the stones’ overall beauty.
Sunstone earring stones are a good investment, whether for business or for a present, as it has both splendor and durability all at once. According to gem experts, this stone also has amazing healing properties, including emotional healing, stomach tension, sore throat and ulcer alleviation.
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