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Teardrop earrings stone

Shop Teardrop earrings stone pairs for handmade earrings design or making.
Give your everyday look more personality by incorporating a pair of teardrop earrings to your OOTD. With a variety of stones to choose from, you will never run out of ideas. Best believe that in any event, there’s a perfect match of teardrop earrings stone for you.
There’s something about the shape of a teardrop earrings stone that gives an impression of cool and casual vibes. Its soft curves give out a calm and relaxing look while being sophisticated, which makes it perfect for a picnic date or spontaneous day out to the beach. However, teardrop earrings are also perfect for an extreme night out with friends.
Displaying different sizes and finishes, these teardrop earrings stones are made to look perfect on your ears. Whether you choose the elongated or circular type of stone, you surely won’t go unnoticed. You can also pick between stones with a glossy or non-glossy finish.
Ranging from abstract patterns to solid colors, these teardrop earrings stones will take your overall look up a notch. Each piece of stone won’t bore you since you’re given with tons of designs to choose from. Among the designs are irregular swirls, splashes of the stone’s primary color, and a whole lot more.
With each stone’s distinct colors and style, you’ll incorporate more personality into your looks. Let your teardrop earrings stone do the talking and make each hallway your runway.
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