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Tie shape earrings stone

Different earrings shapes and designs have different perfect face shape matches--like for rounded face women, elongated earrings stone designs are recommended, while it is recommended for women with elongated face to have relatively rounded-shaped earrings. In the jewellery industry, elongated earrings pairs come in different shapes, some with soft edges (like teardrop) while some are pointed (like the triangle and tie).
Among our exciting and unique earrings stone designs is the tie. The tie-shaped earrings stones are made from high-quality semi-precious gems that are cut and polished by our own skilled gem cutters. Available in sizes ranging from 16 mm to over 51 mm, they come in different exciting colors which reflect the aesthetic of the gems that they are made from. Some have two flat faces, while some have one flat back, but both orientation are equally attractive as the tie shape is perfectly resembled. With all having elongated orientation, our tie-shaped earrings stones are perfect for making drop or dangle earrings pairs. Whether opaque or transparent to translucent, we make sure that our customers’ demands are met.
Among our featured tie-shaped earrings stones include the faceted amazonite, ammonite fossil, iron pyrite and the sheen-toned labradorite. Beautifully patterned tie-shaped earrings stones are also among our best-sellers.
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