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Tiger's Eye earrings stone

Famous for its classic and vintage look brought about by a good combination of earth colors usually like brown, black and red, Tiger’s Eye earrings stones are truly dazzling pieces of accessories.
Manufactured from mostly natural yet high-quality gemstones, our Tiger’s Eye earrings stones are available in different cuts, and are mostly highly polished into silky luster. Their color combination featuring earth colors like brown, red and black that behave in unique bands and habits--brought about by the inter-growth of quartz crystals--make the stones very appealing and splendid to look at. As per its name, these Tiger Eye’s stones have color banding that closely resemble the eyes of a tiger. Sometimes, when the colors are a combination of brown and red, these stones interestingly appear to be like miniature paintings of desserts in a stone.
Among our best-selling Tiger’s Eye earrings stones are the specially carved feather and leaf-shaped stones, with other designs including slice, stick, marquise, and some basic geometrical shapes like oval, rectangle and triangle. Also, a few pairs in this collection have gray color, and exhibit metallic / sheen effects like the stick-shaped earrings stones.
Most of the earrings stones under this collection have brown to dark brown colors with beautiful bands and patterns in them. These colors perfectly accentuate a bohemian-themed getup, especially when you are wearing white.
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