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Tourmaline earrings stone

Available in a wide variety of colors--even covering all colors in the color spectrum--our collection of Tourmaline earrings stones offers a wide selection of earrings stones in different textures, shapes and sizes to cater to our customers’ varied demands. Our nicely polished Tourmaline earrings stones are available in shapes including round, rectangle, triangle, oval, teardrop, slice and flower, while other slightly rough and fashionably raw ones have irregular--yet dazzling--designs. Although perfectly symmetrical earrings pairs are a classic fashion statement that never gets out of style, irregularly shaped pairs are also making their name in the industry, especially with the surging mix and match trend.
Because our Tourmaline earrings stones are available in various colors, our customers can surely pick the pair that they desire to match any casual occasion or getup; and whether nicely polished or dazzlingly rough, any pair of our Tourmaline earrings stones would be a good pick if you wear it according to your style and taste. Because of the stone’s elongated crystal habit, we made slender-shaped designs to highlight such its crystal’s beauty.
As Tourmaline is the stone for the eighth anniversary and a birthstone for October--together with Opal--it could be a perfect present for your loved ones during these celebrations. Aside from its innate beauty, Tourmaline is also believed to be good for cleansing one’s self of the negative thoughts, especially those who have suicidal tendencies.
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