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Triangle cabochons

Triangle cabochons are desirable pieces to use in making jewellery as they do not only possess unique beauty and spark, but they also seem to fit perfectly in any fashion statement. Whether funky, fierce, daring, casual and even formal, jewellery pieces made up of triangle cabochons are among the best picks.
Our triangle cabochons are shaped from high-quality gemstones by our skilled and professional gem cutters. Every piece is meticulously crafted to ensure that we only produce nothing but the best, to meet our customers’ demands and style preferences.
In a wide array of choices, our triangle cabochons are available in all-solid, patterned and patched, and in multicolor appearance. They also come in different textures, from very smooth or glass-like to slightly rough. Some of them also have beautiful domed faces while some have flat surfaces. Other triangle cabochons in our collection also have either sharp or slightly curved (smooth) edges, and some have 3 equal sides while others don’t. Because we have a lot of gem types to choose from for you triangle cabochons, you could find a considerable list of both opaque and translucent to transparent varieties.
Among our featured triangle cabochons are polished into glassy luster and are usually painted with beautiful patterns--something that make them even more attractive.
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