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Turquoise earrings stone

Turquoise is among the popular gemstones which popularity is attributed to its dazzling color presentation, with brilliant blue to green colors that look very stunning and soothing to the eyes at the same time. Because of this gemstone’s aesthetic, it is widely used in the jewellery industry in making various jewellery pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
Our collection of Turquoise earrings stones features dainty stones in different sizes, shapes and color combinations and gradients. Because of its natural opacity, whether these stones polished smoothly or in their raw forms, their innate beauty does not diminish even a little bit. Among our best-selling Turquoise earrings stones are the leaf-shaped slightly polished ones and fashionable raw pieces with dainty patterns, all in stunning blue to blue green hues. Other exciting designs of our Turquoise earrings stones include basic geometrical shapes, tie, cross, feather and slice. Although most of the pieces in this collection have green to blue green saturation, there are also uniquely-toned stones which dominating color is black. However, this impurity makes them attractive.
Because of its beauty, these Turquoise earrings stones are surely a good investment whether for a jewellery business or as presents, especially to those who are born in December--as Turquoise is one of its birthstones. These earrings pairs are also a good addition to your personal collection, and are a perfect match to any casual or summer getup, especially those with colors that complement like coral and orange.
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