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Wolf Head Carvings

Stone wolf carvings for jewelry making.
Among our popular and best-selling carvings are the wolf heads that come in varying sizes and colors, and are made from different semi precious stones. They are meticulously hand-carved by our own skilled gem cutters to imitate the perfect resemblance of a real wolf’s head. Even the littlest details of a wolf head is delicately worked on and crafted.
We do not only have opaque carved wolf heads; we also have transparent and translucent varieties. Depending on your desired size, we have relatively large and small wolf head carvings in stock for you. Whether you like it colored in all solid tone, or whether you want it patterned beautifully, we also have a number of options for you.
Among our best-selling wolf head carvings is the labradorite and the multicolor wolf heads. The exciting color mash up in one wolf head carving makes it hard not to be looked at. Those which colors are not very common in the color spectrum are also nice additions to someone’s carving collection.
Wolf head carvings are not only good jewellery investment because of its unique beauty. Interestingly, they are believed to promote tenacity, patience and ambition--values that are essential for someone who wants to succeed in life
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