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Wolf Jewelry

Natural semi precious gemstones hand carved Wolf head pendants necklaces and bracelets. Every wolf head is unique.
One of our best-selling jewelry items is our carved wolf jewelry. Our wolf jewelry pieces are crafted with utmost sophistication by our own professional and skilled team of jewelry makers and cutters, so as to ensure that we only make and offer top-quality items in the market.
Best used as pendants for bracelets and necklaces, our carved wolf pieces come in different sizes and are made from different gem types. Some of which have beautiful opaque appearance, while some are translucent to transparent. Nevertheless, both types are unique in their own ways and are equally pretty. Our wolf head pendants are meticulously carved to obtain the closest to perfect resemblance of a real wolf’s head, with every detail of folds and dimensions carved with precision. Most of our carved wolf head pendants just have solid to near-solid colors--even if they have sheen appearance. This is to make its wolf design emphasizes and more conspicuous.
Whether you like light or dark hued, we got a number of choices for you. Like the rest of our jewelry collections, we also use sterling silver to serve as ‘loops’ so the wolf head pendants are just easy to attach to jewelry pieces like necklaces or bracelets.
Apart from their fiery beauty, jewelries made from wolf heads are said to have good healing properties, which makes them sell fast in the market. So, if you want to have yours, shop at Gomggsale now!
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