About Us


Welcome to Gomggsale~

We started up the gemstone cutting team. Until now, we provide Euorpe and America jeweler with the process of cutting, inlaying and the like.

Before 2006, Shantou Bitefu Jewelry co.Ltd provided products and making service for mygemgarden, the high-quality seller on eBay, which was founded by an American businessman called Rob Sill Nathan.

In 2009, Rob Sill Nathan has cooperated with us for a long time, decided to sell his brand mygemgarden to us on the purpose of giving us long-term development and offering better service to gemstone sellers through us.

In 2015, our company established Gomggsale. The letter MGG are the first letters of MyGemGarden. 

In 2018, we achieved EU Trad- emark Certificate of Online Retail and Wholesale Services and then United States Trademark Certificate of Online Retail and Whole- sale Services. 

We promise to protect all members’ privacy on our website. According to the law for the consumers protection, we will cast off the information of our customers.