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From this page, you can filter cabochons by Size, Shape, Color and Gemtype, by using the PRODUCT FLITERS. This will enable you to find the perfect cabochons for your jewelry. We also offer customized services and wholesale services too.
In the jewelry-making industry, gemstone cabochons are one of the famous and widely used materials in making jewelry pieces; thus, the demand for gemstone cabochons is steadily considerable and surging. Cabochons are highly polished gemstones, usually with convex or rounded tops and with flat backs. They are similar to beads, except for the fact that cabochons do not have holes in them, which requires the use of cabochons through wrapping them in wires or securing them in bezels instead of connecting them with jewelry nylons, garter threads and the like (like beads). Although cabochons usually have domed and semi-domed faces, they can also be creatively fashioned to have (multiple) flat faces, called facets. Other cabochons also have beautiful rough textures that are equally stunning as their smooth counterparts. Uniquely, gemstone cabochons can have one of the aforementioned characteristics, or they can possess two or even have all of it (in one dainty piece of stone).
Oue online gem store offers all kinds of high-quality semi-precious gemstone cabochons for every jewelry designer’s jewelry-making needs. Whether you are looking for small, medium-sized or large stones, we have them in stock for you. We also feature different cabochon shapes, all come with different kicks of excitement. Our plain-shaped cabochons--Heart, Marquise, Oval, Pear(Teardrop), Rectangle, Round, Square, Triangle, and the likes--possess simplicity and elegance all at once. On the other hand, the much complicated shapes of animals and flowers, and other fancy and carved shapes signify sophistication and rarity. With over 40 main gemstone types to choose from, our cabochon collections only have the best pieces and a wide array of choices in stock for you to choose from. We got translucent, as well as opaque, cabochons that are uniquely stunning in their own ways, and they come in different hues and pattern presentations. Our cabochon collections also feature not only the commonly recognized stones, but rare ones as well.
Gemstones are usually popular not only for their intrinsic beauty, but also for their metaphysical and healing properties; and our shop makes sure that these important characteristics are preserved. Our cabochons are hand-picked and professionally polished and cut by our own lapidarists, so we can guarantee that all pieces available in our shop are of the best quality. Since we do not want to compromise our stones’ designs, some of them, especially those with low hardness level on the Mohs scale, are shaped and treated with extra care because of their inherent soft nature that makes them prone to breakage.
Aside from the ready-made gemstone cabochons that our customers can easily choose from our collections, we also take orders for cabochon customization, especially for rare and complex shapes. However it is true that complex shapes signify sophistication and rarity, we believe that custom-made cabochons with specific shapes are more of an expression of oneself. They are more personalized, and they represent exactly whoever wears them. Thus, we always make sure that our custom-made cabochons are not only of premium quality, but are also exactly the same as what our customers want them to be. After all, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We also offer free hole-drilling service, should you want to have your cabochons holed.
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