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Black Gemstones for Jewelry

Black Gemstones for Jewelry

In the world of gem and jewelry, color plays a significant role in classifying the beauty of a gemstone. Depending on their chemical or mineral composition, gemstones that make up a jewelry piece or set can be light, bright, deep or earth-toned - with each classification used for particular occasions.

Black Jewelry History

Black is among the most famous colors in the world, especially in the field of art, fashion and jewelry. Its popularity is dated even to the ancient times, from it being a color connoting diligence and seriousness as like how it was worn by old religious orders, down to it being regarded a color symbol of witchcraft - like how black cloaks were worn by ‘witches’, to how it has been used as the Gothic fashion color and many more. But through time, it has evolved richly and has transcended its value as the seemingly default color opposite to white, like how many would regard it as, or as a color that represents negativity and darkness. In the 14th century, black was a jewelry color used to embellish members of the noble families to signify prominence and power. This shows that even in the early days, the color has already been used as a representation of prestige and boldness.

In the gem world, black is one of the most sought-after hues because of its elegance and exquisiteness. One reason for it being among the favored and coveted is also because it is an all-around color that just fits and matches almost all getup colors, in almost any occasion. Black is not actually a color. It is the absence of it, or the combination of all colors in the color spectrum. But, in the modern age, black has been regarded as a color that is loved, desired, and valued.
Although of different gem types, black gemstones may look all the same before the naked eye. They mostly - if not all - possess solid black appearance. However, their chemical formula and some distinguishing (physical) characteristics are what identify them from one another. For example, some black gemstones have deep black hues compared to others, while some might appear to be greyish black.
You can find some of the well-known and sought-after black gemstones in our store, Such as Obsidian, Black Agate and Black Tourmaline. We also feature other high-quality natural black gemstones that are perfect to be used as jewelry-making materials. These include Black Garnet, Hematite, Lava Stone, and so on.



One of the most popular black gemstones is the Obsidian. Obsidian is a kind of natural glass that formed from molten rock materials that cool swiftly, thus forming a beautiful smooth texture. When it breaks, the stone produces a conchoidal fracture with notable curved surfaces. This makes the stone create sharp edges, which is the primary reason why the first uses of Obsidian were as cutting tools during the ancient epochs.

Obsidian has few specimen varieties that come in different colors, but its most common variety is the Black Obsidian. It is a common gemstone in the gem market, and has deposits in different parts of the world. Notable deposits are found in Italy, Chile, Ecuador, New Zealand, Peru, United States, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Canada, Japan, Guatemala and Iceland - among others.
Because Black Obsidian has a glassy texture and elegant black color, it ranks among those coveted by collectors and gem enthusiasts, whether as pendants, cabochons, beads, tumbled stones or carvings. However, the stone has a hardness score of 5.5 in the Mohs scale, which makes it a relatively vulnerable stone.

Apart from its inherent beauty, Black Obsidian is also known for its many healing properties. It is said that this is also a stone of protection. This stone is more of a stone of truth and honesty, and is believed to help unravel the truth, shatter secrets and break shams. It helps someone reveal their true self and intentions. It helps clarify things, which will lead one to improve their intuition and precognition.

Black Agate

Another semi-precious black gemstone that our store offers is the Black Agate. This stone looks like Black Obsidian at first glance, yet is much heavier than the latter and may contain bands of other colors (like gray and white) in it. It can also create a nice and smooth polish like other black gemstones, but the smoothness would be a bit duller.

Black Agate is a cryptocrystalline stone that is composed mainly of silicon dioxide. With a hardness score of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, Black Agate is an interesting jewelry-making material as it can be cut, polished and shaped into many unique designs and forms of pendants, cabochons, beads or loose stones. In one opaque or translucent stone of glass-like luster, one can truly see a splendor in Black Agate.

It is considered to be a stone for a Gemini baby, and is said not only to be a protection and grounding stone, but also a prosperity stone.


Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline - also known as Schorl - is one of the many interesting shades of the Tourmaline stone.

This stone is made up of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate, and usually appears in trigonal crystal. Black Tourmaline is uniquely trilateral is cross-section, which features either slender or thick striated crystal structure.

It possesses a hardness score of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a relatively durable stone for use as a jewelry-making material. The stone’s elegant solid or inky black color and durability is but a perfect combo in making designer jewelries where the stone can be cut faceted, polished and carved into different designs and shapes, even into those that are very detailed.
It might be mistaken for other black gemstones like Obsidian, but one of the distinct characteristics of Black Tourmaline is its beautiful rough and lumpy innate texture.

When you are looking for a talisman against negative energies, you might want to consider this a top pick. Black Tourmaline is said to be a powerful protection talisman that has the ability to cleanse and purify all negative energies lurking around. In the ancient times, warriors are said to use talismans made from Black Tourmaline to shield themselves from demons. The stone’s protection is also believed to manifest in its ability to relieve people from high levels of stress.


Black Garnet



Sometimes referred to as “Melanite,” Black Garnet is the opaque black variety of Garnet stone. It is characterized by a cubic crystal structure, and is a calcium iron silicate mineral with a hardness score of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This makes the stone a desirable jewelry-making material as it could stand light & other chemicals.

Usually, polished Black Garnet gives off either a slightly dull or vitreous and very glossy luster. Faceted cabochons or beads made from Black Garnet are also splendid. Its black pigment is valued as it can be worn in different occasions - formal or casual - and truly stands out especially when paired with warm-colored stones.

Aside from it being a protection stone, Black Garnet is also believed to be good for calming the mind which is essential in attaining success in life. Because color black is a unisex color, men can also wear jewelries made of Black Garnet as it is also believed that the stone is good for improving masculinity.

Black Garnet has a quite limited distribution around the world and is not a very common stone in the market.



Hematite is an iron oxide mineral that is among the most common minerals there is on the Earth’s surface and crust. It is usually found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. This mineral has a very high iron content (70%) which makes it the most important iron ore in the world.

In massive crystals or crystalline ores, Hematite can appear either black or silver (metallic) grey. In finer grains, it can appear as bright to dull-rust red.

When broken, Hematite creates an uneven or irregular, or sub-conchoidal fracture. It has a trigonal crystal structure, with transparent, translucent or opaque appearance. It is also a relatively brittle crystal with a hardness score of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, which is why cabochons, beads or carvings made from it are secured in bezels when used in jewelry-making.

Hematite is a stone for those born in the Aries or Aquarius zodiac signs. This stone is believed to be good for enhancing one’s willpower, focus and determination that would eventually lead to achieving dreams and goals.


Lava Stone

As its name suggests, Lava Stone is a solidified molten lava - a volcanic rock that is formed from lavas spewed by volcanoes. It is sometimes called Lava Rock or Basalt. In the gem world, Lava Stone is not officially considered a gemstone by experts.

Unlike the previously mentioned stones that have glass-like luster, Lava Stone’s porous holes create a perfect druzy touch to it. Its druzy texture makes it perfect for bohemian and laid-back events. Lava Stones are usually cut, shaped and polished into beads or loose stones for use as materials in making fashionable jewelry pieces.

It is also starting to gain popularity as a diffuser stone for relaxing essential oils. A drop or two can already give one a day-long pleasant scent anywhere and everywhere. As interesting as its use as a diffuser stone, Lava Stone is also said to be good for alleviating stress and anxieties.


Generally, black gemstones are a good pick for anyone’s gem or jewelry collection. As most of them possess very nice (polished) finish, their solid black color is made more attractive especially when they release a beautiful kind of shine when exposed to the sun. Black is also a safe color, which means that it can be paired with any outfit color. It is also both a casual and a formal color, which is why it can suit any occasion or event.

To some, black may seem to be just a dull color, but history has proven otherwise. In today’s time, we associate black with professionalism, boldness, luxury and will - it is a color that represents strength. It is an exquisite tone that breaks stereotyped color codes by fitting just everywhere, anytime - and this is what our black gemstones are also about. Just like a black cellphone, a black car or even a black dress, we want our customers to know that black has many colors. Among which are bold elegance and versatility.

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