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We take pride in our pendants not only for the fact that they are made from premium-quality gems, but also because they are crafted by our very own professional and skilled gem cutters and jewelry makers.
With over a hundred readily available options to choose from, our pendants are made from a wide array of gem types ranging from pastel-colored ones to dark. Their sizes also vary, and every size has several number of pendants classified under it to make sure no one runs out of choices just because the size they want is not available.
The quality of the stones we use is shown in how meticulously carved and shaped our pendants are. Our pendants are not only available in plain geometrical shapes; they are also available in complicated designs - those that require not only creativity and skill but also stones of considerable durability.
Pendants are usually made from single stones, but our shop offers pendants that are composed of a variety of dainty stones attached and assembled together in a fashionable way to create a unique design.
Among our best-selling pendants are wolf head, flower and Buddha head. Some of them are secured in 925 sterling silver bezels, while some are just plainly holed. Some of our pendants also come with necklace strings and chains, and are either drusy or polished into smooth perfection.
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