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What does Blue Aquamarine mean?

Aquamarine is a silicate containing beryllium and aluminum. It belongs to the beryl family with emeralds and morganites. It is a high-grade colored gemstone. The color of aquamarine is sky blue to aquamarine or greenish blue, and its color is mainly due to the presence of trace amounts of ferrous ions. The quality of high-grade aquamarine is clear and flawless crystal, and the color is rich in blue.
Legend has it that aquamarine is the essence of seawater, so navigators use it to pray to the sea god to bless the safety of navigation, calling it "Fu Shen stone", and it is also used as "March birthstone", symbolizing "comfort and bravery", "happiness and longevity".

Ancient people found that the color of aquamarine was as blue as sea water, so they gave it the property of water. They believed that this beautiful gem must come from the bottom of the sea and is the essence of sea water. Since then, aquamarine and "water" have an indissoluble bond, so , For those born in March, jewelry made of aquamarine can not only bring extraordinary beauty, but more importantly, it can bring shelter and happiness.

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