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What is Gemstone?

The earth's crust is rich in minerals, some of which are metallic and organic materials that have formed various beautiful gems through tens of millions of years under the high temperature and pressure at the bottom of the earth's crust. Gems are from minerals, containing gem-quality ores, excavated, and there are many types. Their properties are divided into three categories: transparent, translucent and opaque. Fully transparent such as diamond, sapphire and spar, and translucent such as Emeralds, emeralds and the like, opaque ones such as pearls and agates. In terms of the preciousness and value of gemstones, transparency is not the criterion. At the same time, color, hardness, refraction value and purity of texture are the criteria for judging gemstones. Some gemstones win with beautiful color and luster, while some gemstones are pure in texture or have patterns in quality. precious.

A gemstone is a mineral, stone, or earthen object that has been cut, polished, or polished for use in collectibles, collectibles, or clothing. As a gemstone mineral, it is generally bright and soft in color, beautiful in luster and pattern, uniform in structure, strong in refractive index, high in hardness and stable in chemical composition. Humans have been processing gemstones as ornaments since ancient times.
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