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Custom Round Cabochons

Cabochons are among the widely used materials for making jewelry, and are - because of this fact - one of the most in-demand in the gem and jewelry market. They are available in different sizes, gem types and designs - among the most common are the round cabochons.

Round cabochons are among the most popular cabochon design types in the market for several reasons, but the most known is because this shape is just the safest of all. However and wherever you want them used, round cabochons would just perfectly go well with any getup, on any occasion.

Our factory offers different varieties of custom round cabochons that are perfect for making pendants, bracelets and other jewelry pieces. We have a wide array of options to choose from, depending on our customers’ desired size and crystal type.


The cabochons in the picture are 10 mm samples that we made before, and are made from gemstones that you can find available in our stock. The stones that we use in making these dainty pieces are of premium quality, and you can probably see it in how our finished product - the round cabochons - carry both beauty and elegance at the same time.

As the demand for custom round cabochons continues to be considerably high, below are a few things we thought buyers should consider and remember when choosing and purchasing them.

1.No two stones are exactly alike, even if they are of the same stone type or even if they come from the same (raw) stone material. Even when gemstones generally have distinguishing patterns, spots and cracks that help identify the stone type they belong to, these stones do not exhibit exactly the same patterns that - when cut - would give you the exact same design or stone pattern. This does not only apply to a few stone types, but to all.In the case of (round) cabochons, for example, it is just normal for customers to actually receive cabochon pieces that may be slightly different from the sample in the picture, even if they are cut from the same piece of raw material.

2. Although we strictly control and work meticulously for the size of our products, the finished piece may still have a few size deviations - but this is not something to worry about as it happens very often and is just normal. For example, if you buy some 10 mm cabochons, some of the cabochons you get may be 10.1 mm or 9.9 mm in size.

3. For some large size cabochons with patterns that are more than 20 mm, there may be great differences between each one. We ship them at random. If you mind it, please buy those items that are exactly the same as the pictures, or ask me for the actual pictures.

4. Although we have the raw (gemstone) materials to be used on hand, these cabochons are custom-made. They are limited, and we do not have a lot of them in stock, so sometimes it would take us a few days to process your order.

5. Although many stone types are easily available and sourced, some are also very hard to produce - which is why we don’t have large-sized round cabochons for sale.The reasons for this include

(1) because some stones do not have such an equally vast supply as others. While there are stones that are durable

(2) some also are fragile and easy to crack

(3) other stones in large size are also very expensive.

6. The price of cabochons less than 10 mm depends more on the cost of manual processing, while the price of cabochons with size more than 12mm depends more on the price of materials.

7. Different stones have different hardness, so some cabochons can not be polished by just a tumbler - but by a lapidary machine. This makes the stone more expensive compared to others.

8. Our factory makes custom-made cabochons for all our customers’s jewelry-making needs - whether it be for other shapes of cabochons, sculpture, earrings or pendants - at a fair price. You just have to tick that “Contact” button you see on our page to make your request.

    At the end of the day, even if no stone can come out perfectly alike as the ones that are shown as samples, we make sure that this does not cause our customers anxiety and regret by giving them quality products that are worth spending for.
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