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What is Aventurine?

What is Aventurine?

Physical Properties of Aventurine

Aventurine is among the beautiful translucent gemstones in the gem world. It is a natural gemstone that is known to be a variety of quartz that is known for its translucency and flake-shaped inclusions that is responsible for the stone’s glittery aventurescence when stricken by light.

This stone is commonly known for its green saturation with blue or silvery green sheen that is brought about by the fuchsite or muscovite - a green chromium-rich mica - inclusion in it.  Aventurine can also come in different other color variations including yellow, orange, pink, red, gray, blue and white, depending on the reflective particles or inclusions the stone contains. For instance, lepidolite mica flakes can cause the stone to have a pinkish, red or purple tone. Goethite and hematite, on one hand, can also produce orange, pink, brown and red variations of Aventurine. Ilmenite and muscovite flake inclusions, in addition, makes the stone look silvery or yellowish. Physically speaking, all these inclusions do nothing but add up to the overall beauty of the Aventurine because of the bright and attractive reflections and colors they give contribute to the stone’s appearance. But, there is another to to tell when it comes to these inclusions’ effect on the stone’s hardness.

With a hardness score of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, Aventurine can be considered a relatively hard gemstone - which makes it good for making jewelry pieces, small sculptures and carvings and other ornamental stone items. However, according to gem experts, the stone’s hardness can be affected by the amount of inclusions present in it. Apparently, it could become brittle and could easily break when the mica inclusions in the stone are abundant. Additionally, since the most common Aventurine inclusions have specific gravity higher than Quartz, they could also make Aventurine much heavier.

In addition, Aventurine stones that exhibit a more translucent appearance are thought to have lesser inclusions in them. When the stone has an opaque appearance, it is because the inclusions it contains are overly abundant.

Gemstone Source and Distribution

The Aventurine stone is available in small amounts around the world. Some reports say that the most notable producer of the stone is India, but others also purport that Taganai Stone River in the Southern Urals of Russia has the largest Aventurine deposit in the world. Other countries with Aventurine deposits include Brazil, Spain, Tanzania and Austria.

Aventurine with remarkable aventurescence is quite rare, which is why if there is one, it is sold at a relatively higher rate.

What is Aventurine Stone Good For?

There are quite a number of uses the Aventurine stone has. It can be used to make household and office things like vases, small sculptures  and carvings, and even bowls. For practical reasons, sometimes people who just want to have an attractive green display somewhere inside the house or office buy decorations made from Aventurine stone as they are less expensive compared to other green-hued stones like Amazonite and Jade.  But, the stone is mostly used and is popularly known for its use in making ornaments and (body) embellishments.

In the gem and jewellery world, Aventurine stone is a known raw material for making cabochons and beads that are used in making rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other jewelry items. When polished nicely, the stone exhibits a beautiful glassy or vitreous luster. And not only that - as mentioned earlier, its inclusions give off a unique sparkling iridescent effect that adds up the stone’s overall splendor especially when hit by light.
Aventurine can also be cut into small carvings for use as necklace pendants. Geometrical shapes like round, square, rectangle and ovals are very common, but more exciting designs including wolf head and flowers are also available.

Aventurine Stone : Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Luck Stone.  The color green has been associated with good luck and prosperity - and this is also true to an Aventurine stone, especially the Green Aventurine. The stone is thought to promote physical well-being and psychic ability. Because of this, dreams are stimulated and anyone who wears it would always have a positive outlook in life. It only attracts the good energy and disposes of the bad.
Stone of Opportunity. Because this stone sets the condition of its wearer’s mind and heart and it boosts your confidence and courage, it is considered to be the “Stone of Opportunity.” It pushes an individual to pursue and work for achieving his / her goals through releasing any negative energy that could possibly hold him / her back - negative habits and behaviors and disappointments and the like. This stone makes you confidently go after every chance there is.
Leadership. Another property of the Aventurine stone that pertains to spiritual strength is its ability to amplify leadership abilities and decisiveness. As the stone creates a sense of confidence, it is also paired with the ability to think things through especially in situations where leadership is needed. Aventurine clarifies the mind and heart, so anyone who wears it can come up with logical and sound decisions.
Calmness. As Aventurine is associated with the Zodiac sign Taurus, the stone represents feelings of calmness and tranquility. People born under the Taurus sign are free-spirited and are care-free; they want to let life take its course therefore letting go of anxieties and worries of tomorrow. This, therefore, calms someone’s heart and mind.
Acceptance and Forgiveness. Another meaning of the Aventurine stone is acceptance and forgiveness. Because it enables its wearer to let go of the negative thoughts and energy, it helps in accepting the nature of humans to be susceptible to making mistakes and doing wrong. And because the stone lets you see things positively through a clear mind and heart, it makes the intimidation that the people who did you wrong bring, less aggravating.

Healing Properties of the Aventurine Stone

The Aventurine stone also has many healing benefits as much as its metaphysical uses. It is believed to have good healing benefits to those who are experiencing liver, lung, and sinus problems. It also is good for the heart as it helps regulate the circulation of blood in the body.

According to experts, this stone also eases conditions and concerns involving the nervous system as it allows its wearer to be active and perform significant physical work. It enhances the connective tissues of the body, muscular system and the adrenal glands for a perfect physical channeling of energy. It is also said to have good effects on the reproductive system of women as Aventurine balances their hormones.

A Good Stone Pick

Overall, Aventurine is a package deal. It does not only have an enticing beauty, but also very good spiritual and physical benefits. Buying a jewelry or a jewelry-making material that is made of Aventurine stone is like hitting two birds with one stone - at a much lesser and more practical price.

In our factory, you can choose from our collections of jewelry-making materials that are made from Aventurine stone. And as satisfying our buyers our primary goal, our stones are sourced from trusted suppliers only and are of premium quality. They are also all crafted by our own lapidarists to ensure that they meet our customers’ demand for quality and presentability.

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