stone wolf head carvings

Stone wolf head carvings

Stone wolf head carvings

In our gem sales for many years, one of our unique products has maintained a high sales volume and has been widely praised - the wolf head carving.

We specially carve wolf heads made from different gemstone types that would signify a handsome and healthy wolf. With the aim of being able to create wolf heads that would closely resemble a natural wolf head’s details - including its furry feature--we carve our semi precious meticulously and skillfully. Moreover, since we want to guarantee our customers that our wolf head carvings are never going to be sources of uneasiness when worn as embellishment, we also see to it that all are polished nicely and smoothly.

Through time, our wolf head carving details and designs changed. This is because we want this kind of carving- and apparently all our products - to always go with the current trend and jewellery fashion signature. Our gem cutters and sculptors are not only equipped with skills to create high-quality wolf head carvings; but also with creativity to attend to necessary detail requirements.

Wolf meaning

According to gem experts, the wolf is a symbolism of loyalty, freedom and guardianship. It promotes independence, and it teaches self-esteem and self-trust. It has also been one of the most sought-after [carving] shapes even in the old days, because it is believed that wolves -as they come in packs - symbolize unity and family. It is also believed that this animal is a symbol of good judgment and instinct.

stone wolf carvings for jewelry

Our stone wolf carvings are suitable for wolf jewelry making

Made from high quality semi precious stones, our wolf head carvings are hand-made by exceptional gem cutters and sculptors. Most pieces -especially those that are on-hand and advertised on our website - are already drilled, with holes that go through the wolf head from ear to ear, in order to guarantee our customers’ convenience and comfort when attaching and using these carvings in making different jewellery pieces. 

We also cater to tailor-made wolf head carvings, should other customers want them customized; including if they would want the carvings holed or not.

Since they are made from quality semi precious stones, our wolf head carvings are suitable for making various jewelry pieces including fashion wolf rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and many more. Because of this, as well, they are available in different color and size variations - with a wide selection to choose from in order to cater to all our customers’ jewelry-making needs.

Wolf head carvings are available in the following sizes:

20-25mm, suitable for making wolf rings.

20-35mm, suitable for making wolf bracelets.

20-45mm, suitable for making wolf pendants or wolf necklaces

More than 45mm, suitable for some special designs or large wolf pendant necklace.

The finished wolf jewelry:

26mm wolf bracelet


31mm wolf necklace

36mm wolf bracelet

37mm wolf necklace

Stone wolf head carvings gem types

Whether our customers would like their wolf head carving to be made from vivid, light, multicolored, solid or patterned semi precious stones, our collections offer you a wide array of choices. Each gemstone is uniquely beautiful from one another, so every choice is surely a good investment.

One of the most basic factor to consider in choosing which stone should your wolf head carving be made of is the color and stone presentation. There are those with solid hues, while there are also patterned and patched. Other stones are also characterized with seemingly ombre color combinations. You could not find two stones that are perfectly alike, and so each wolf head carving is unique. However, since we only get our gem supplies from trusted suppliers, we guarantee that all stones - even if they exhibit different shades and presentations - are all beautiful and aesthetic.

In choosing which gem type would our customers want their wolf head carving be made, hardness or durability is also a consideration. There are gems that are harder - which makes them relatively more durable - than others, while there are also those that are delicate. As this is an important aspect to our customers, we make sure that we only commission skilled and professional sculptors and gem cutters so that neither aesthetic nor durability would be compromised.

At the end of the day, even if there have been some recorded standards of what stone is beautiful for which - in this case, a wolf head carving - it is still worth noting that our customers’ preferences are what matter most. It is their fashion sense that would dictate which gem best fits for what. After all, more than the globally-accepted standards of what’s fashionable or not, it is the expression of oneself from these wolf head carvings that surpass all.


We also have finished wolf pendants with 925 Sterling silver

Aside from the loose drilled wolf head carvings, we also have wolf pendants with 925 sterling silver pinch bails. Silver just nicely complements with any gemstone color, so it is very safe for those who are color-conscious. The silver also doesn’t get easily tarnished, so any jewellery made from it can still be used and worn for a long time.

Silver is a classy piece of metal widely used in making different jewelry pieces, and any semi precious stone or carving paired with it gets the classy touch of the metal as well. Because of this, this sterling silver and semi precious stone combination is just perfect for those who do not want to go all “laid-back” with their wolf head pendants. Aside from the innate beauty of the gemstones, the silver’s glimmer adds attraction.

25mm labradorite wolf pendant25mm labradorite wolf pendant

25mm moss agate wolf pendant25mm moss agate wolf pendant

We have limited supplies of finished wolf pendants with 925 sterling silver pinch bails and holders on hand, but our customers can always request for a customized piece with their preferred gemstone type.

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