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What is Pink Opal?

What is Pink Opal?

Pink Opal : Geographical Sources, Mineral Composition & Physical Properties

Opal has earned quite a reputation in the gem and jewellery world as being one of the most common and popular gemstones with abundant supplies all over the world. The stone has a lot of variants, most of which are also famous--for their unique beauty, appearance and properties. Generally, it has three classifications--Fire Opal, Boulder Opal and Common Opal--and some stones falling under these categories only have limited mineral distribution to date; this includes Pink Opal, a variety of Common Opals.

Pink Opal is a hydrated form of silica, and a beautiful crystal which belongs to the Common Opal group. A large deposit--and mostly the best and brightest variety--of this stone can be found is Peru, but other deposits could also be found in some parts of South America and Australia. Some varieties are also found in some parts of the United States.

Composed of Opal, Chalcedony and Palygorskite, Pink Opal is generally pink in color, but it could also come in different gradients including baby pink, powder pink and pink white. Sometimes, the stone would also take a different hue of cream, lavender and even brown-white. Through time, this crystal has been called terms including being a “candy stone” because of its tincture that looks a lot like candies, especially those with pastel hues.

With a hardness score of 6 on the Mohs scale, Pink Opal is considered a relatively durable stone. When matched with the crystal’s inherent aesthetic, it becomes very suitable for making different pieces of ornaments like jewelry pieces--necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many more--and other body embellishments

Pink Opal as Crystal for Jewelry-Making

Either polished or drusy, Pink Opal is always a good pick. Pink Opal cabochons, pendants, loose stones and other jewelry-making materials that could be made from Pink Opal have translucent to opaque appearance that surely complements and highlights the stone’s feminine saturation. Its vitreous luster and the stone’s unique feminine shine add to the stone’s classy and elegant look. Sometimes, though, this crystal exhibits waxy or dull luster, but it does not make it less of an attractive piece. This crystal sometimes exhibits a splendid shimmer with a seemingly play of rainbow colors due to the tiny traces of water that dried up inside the stone.

Because it is a hard stone, pendants and jewelry stones made from Pink Opal could be shaped into different exciting forms and designs including complex and sophisticated ones--you only need to find the right gem cutters for the job. In addition, the stone’s color usually comes with dainty streaks and patches of white that make it look even more alluring.

Pink Opal Crystal Meanings

Tranquility and calmness. Aside from its classy (pink) feminine color, Pink Opal sparks interest because of its many other good qualities, including the meaning it carries. According to crystal and gem experts, Pink Opal means tranquility and calmness. It soothes anyone’s sadness, especially that which is brought by heartbreaks--whether from a relationship breakup, loss of a loved one or from other heart-wrecking experiences. It cleanses the heart of whatever it is that is weighing it down or suppressing it from attaining full happiness and peace.

Acceptance. Acceptance is also one of the meanings of the Pink Opal stone. It has the ability to make anyone accept and face any negative experience with optimism, leading them to move on, learn and grow from it.

Self-confidence and independence. Pink Opal also means self-confidence and independence. The crystal has the ability to enable anyone to look within and find their inner courage and strength amid any heartaches and demotivation. It teaches anyone to trust and rely on themselves more than relying on other people, especially loved ones. It helps realize someone’s individuality, giving them just the right amount of importance, independence and strong will to nurture oneself while being able to love and care for others at the same time.

Individuality. This is not only an essential stone for adults who want to move on from heartbreaks, discover their inner strength and embrace their entirety as persons. Pink Opal is a stone that is equally good for children. Aside from its playful and child-friendly color, this crystal is said to develop children’s sense of individuality at a young age. The stone releases the children’s fears and anxieties and calms their minds. It opens their hearts and makes them see the beauty of things and life. It makes them only see the good and positive, which is essential for their growth.

Love. Another meaning of Pink Opal is hope and love. It enhances anyone’s thoughtfulness of others in different situations, and it is the stone of faithful lovers.

Pink Opal Healing Properties

Aids optimism. Apart from the aesthetics, Pink Opal is also known for its good healing properties. Experts believe that this stone is a positive stone that brings joy and vivacity to anyone. It has the ability to bring back cheerfulness which has not bee there for a long time through releasing the negative aura brought about by stress and worries. Because it is a stone of calmness, it clarifies the thoughts and makes one see through things deeper, especially when it comes to matters regarding the emotions.

Good for body systems. Pink Opal is also known to be good for healing different kinds of illnesses in the body’s systems. For instance, experts believe that it is used to treat diabetes and skin problems. Aside from this, it is also believed to help regulate the flow of oxygen in the body; thus, this stone is good for the lungs and for the treatment of other respiratory problems. For those who are having problems with decreased sexual desire, Pink Opal is also said to be a good aiding stone.

Pink Opal as a Gem

Apart from the feminine shimmer and the overall darling appearance of the Pink Opal stone, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. It is the combination of the physical and the metaphysical properties that makes it an attractive stone to gem and jewelry enthusiasts, that even amid its being a Common Opal, something more interesting is awaiting.

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