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What is Amazonite?

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite : Physical Properties

Amazonite is a variety of potassion feldspar. A tectosilicate mineral popularly known for its brilliant green color, Amazonite is microcline--a variety of potassium feldspar. Its beauty is sometimes confused with Turquoise and other green-hued semi-precious stones, but the stone’s unique qualities are what separate it from others. This stone has a unique prismatic crystal habit, with flaky and uneven fracture, that makes it very attractive to gem collectors.

It is said that Amazonite, or sometimes referred to as the Amazon Stone, was named after the Amazon River, where first varieties of the stone were believed to be obtained; this is amid the fact that there has been no official record saying the traces of green-colored stones obtained near the Amazon River were actually Amazonite.

The stone’s beautiful green saturation is also believed to somehow resemble the lush green abundance of the Amazon region. According to experts, Amazonite is an ancient stone that has been used for over two millenniums, which other deposits were also found in Egypt and Mesopotamia in the early days.

Today, this stone has made a name in the gem and jewelry world as one of the most famous gemstones cut and shaped into different semi-precious adornments and jewelry-making materials such as cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, earring stones, pendants and the like. With a beautiful vitreous luster, the Amazonite stone exhibits either translucency or opacity.

Amazonite has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, and has perfect cleavage in two directions. This means that the stone is relatively brittle and can be easily scratched when used everyday. Thus, although this crystal--with its innate and stunning beauty--could be perfect for any jewelry pieces, recommendations on using it in making jewelry pieces that receive less impact and abrasion are encourage. These jewelry pieces include earrings, pins and pendants. However, when there is desire to use Amazonite in making bracelets and other jewelries that receive constant impacts, it can still be done through securing the stones in bezels.

Generally, Amazonite exhibits green color. The Amazon Stone is famous for its generally green color. However, varieties of this semi-precious stone may exhibit other gradients of green ranging from light green, blue green, greenish blue and even olive green. Most varieties of this stone, especially those that are used in making different jewelry pieces, have dainty white patches and inclusions that perfectly complement the stone’s natural greenish color; making it very attractive. These white patterns are white quartz or feldspar that are present.

The stone’s green tincture used to be attributed to Copper as the mineral usually has blue and green tinges. However, recent studies suggest that Amazonite’s color may be due to the amount of lead and water in it. Depending on the stone’s composition, its green (and greenish) color can be vivid--with high saturation--pastel or pale.

Amazonite stone deposits can be found in some parts of the world. Although experts say that Amazonite stone does not have mass supplies--which makes other gem and jewelry enthusiasts unfamiliar of it--few deposits of this crystal have been recorded in several parts of the globe. These places include Norway, Poland, Australia, Brazil, United States, Afghanistan, Canada, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Russia and China. A few of the most well-known Amazonite samples are reported to be available in Teller County, Colorado.

Amazonite Stone Meaning

Others may tell Amazonite means tranquility and calmness just by looking at its soothing green color--and they are actually not wrong!

Amazonite is known for a number of good metaphysical meanings.

Peace. Gem experts say that Amazonite is a stone that promotes peace. It it believed to release energy that calms and place and fills it with positivity and harmony; therefore making no room for negative and destructive vibrations. Because of this, Amazonite is sometimes referred to as the “peacemaker stone.” The stone’s positive rays rejuvenate and calms a troubled heart.

Communication and Truth. It is also believed that the Amazon Stone is an agent of truth and harmony. It enables the bearer and wearer to speak freely their truest thoughts and ideas, without hesitation or any cover of deception, and with ease. The stone encourages and calms the heart, making it unafraid to show its deepest desires.

Love. Because of its ability to make the heart say its truest desires without any suppression, the Amazonite paves the way for love and adventure. True love needs a pure heart and honesty, and that is what the stone helps someone with--expressing their truest intention, especially when sharing it directly is relatively difficult for the person. When only the truest desires flow and come out of one’s mouth, following conversations would only be about passionate truths, igniting both passion and affection.

Adventure and Inspiration. The Amazonite stone is also believed to inspire and fuel one’s goals and desires. Experts say the stone has the ability to make the universe conspire in making one’s dreams come true. While making one’s way to realizing these dreams, this stone also releases positive energy to stay focused and motivated and take the journey as an adventure that leads to something great.

Amazonite Stone : Physical Healing Properties and Benefits

Preventing electromagnetic pollution in the body. Aside from the many (good) metaphysical meanings, the Amazonite is also known for its beneficial physical healing properties. According to experts, the stone blocks geopathic stress by absorbing radiation and microwaves coming from different emitting devices like cellphones.

Good for the Brain. Experts also claim that the Amazonite stone is good for the brain. It calms the organ and the entire nervous system by getting rid of negative energy and blockages within the system, making it function well and at its optimum.

Aids calcium deficiency. The Amazonite is also said to be good in treating calcium deficiency-related illnesses such as tooth decay and osteoporosis by helping in balancing the calcium deposits and calcium-related metabolic deficiencies in the body.

Relieves muscle spasms. When the body is experiencing too much pain and in stress, the Amazonite stone is one helpful source of healing. The stone has a beneficial effect for any joint and muscle-related complaints that one gets from a number of reasons including muscle strain, over fatigue, inflammation, rheumatism, and liver problems to name a few. It also aids gout and arthritis.

Relaxes the mood. Aside from calming the mind, the Amazon Stone is also a good agent for mood relaxation, especially after an exhausting undertaking. The stone helps one in releasing emotional stress that drains the energy. It recharges and regenerates the cell, and balances adrenals especially the glands are overused.

Repairs nails and hair. At a relatively minor level, the Amazonite stone also aids hair loss and problems with having brittle nails.
When the stone is worn or placed where there is problem that need to be fixed, one could expect it is not just one good things they would--but many.

Amazonite as a Gem

The Amazonite stone is loved by many collectors for its beauty and benefits, which is why gem-quality Amazon Stones are a good pick.

At Gomggsale, you could have your pick of beautiful Amazonite stones in cabochons, pendant, earring stone and carved forms. They are either nicely polished into perfect smoothness, or are carefully cut drusy for a splendid natural feel. They are also available in different exciting shapes, ones that would really stun onlookers, and hook our customers for availing more.

As we are committed to providing only the best gem and jewelry-making needs to our customers, not only do we source our supplies from trusted suppliers--we also make sure that we only have our gems cut, crafted and hand-made by our skilled gem cutters.

The elegant green color of the stone complemented with beautiful white streaks is already a stunner. Its many beneficial properties to the body is a bonus.

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