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What is Chrysoprase

What is Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase Physical Properties

Sometimes referred to as ‘Chrysoprasus’ or ‘Green Chalcedony,’ Chrysoprase is a variety of chalcedony that is known for its remarkable apple green tincture. Unlike other semi-precious green-toned stones whose color are attributed to the presence of minerals like chromium, vanadium and iron, this gem-quality variety of chalcedony, Chrysoprase, contains traces of nickel - the mineral that is considered to be responsible for the stone’s green color. Although usually apple green, Chrysoprasus can also exhibit other gradients of green ranging from light or lemon-yellow to deep green colors.

Unlike other gemstones that are famous and highly valued for their remarkably unique patterns and color mixes, Chrysoprase is popular and priced based on the vividity of its solid green saturation that looks a lot like - but is completely and significantly different from - a fine Jade stone. In addition, Chrysoprase has a hexagonal crystal system, with usually waxy or greasy luster.

Aside from its vivid apple green color, Chrysoprase can be easily distinguished from other similar-looking stones because of its hardness. With a score ranging from 6.5 to 7 in the Mohs scale, this stone is relatively harder and more durable than other green-toned stones. This makes the stone perfect for use as jewelry-making materials like cabochons, beads and even detailed carvings.

Chrysoprase  History

According to ancient history, the Chrysoprase stone derived its name from the Greek words ‘chrusos,’ which means ‘golden,’ and ‘prason,’ which means ‘leek.’ These words were used to refer to the leek-green color of the stone, with some traces of gold in it. Even in the old days, Chrysoprase has been widely used mostly in making ornaments and embellishments - jewelries, signets and seals - for nobles and royalties. Among the first people who were known to use this stone since the ancient times include the Egyptians, Romans and Greek. 

Chrysoprase  Sources

Chrysoprase stone can be sourced globally. Among the areas where the stone can be found include India, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Arizona, Myanmar, Poland, Russia, California, and Tanzania - where there has been constant Chrysoprase production since 1986.

Use in jewelry-making

Even during the old times, Chrysoprase has offered many uses, and (probably) the most notable is its use as a gem in making magnificent jewelry pieces and other body embellishments.

The stone’s attractive solid apple green color and its natural hardness make it one valuable raw material in making jewelries - necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even including the most detailed carvings that are used in making pendants or brooches - especially when arranged together with other complementing semi-precious stones.

Chrysoprase  Meanings

Considered as a birthstone of those who are born in May, and like other popular gemstones, Chrysoprase - as a stone - is also known to be associated with several metaphysical properties and meanings.

Love and forgiveness. According to experts, Chrysoprase promotes love and forgiveness. It has the ability to mend emotional wounds from heartbreaks by giving its wearer more self-esteem, and releases hatred. It nourishes the compassion within one’s self, therefore attracting and opening up for a new love.

Stone of Prosperity. As this stone is good in establishing an overall self-confidence brought about by a clearer mind, it opens up avenues for one’s hidden talents and gifts to be channelled and used efficiently. Such lets one develop his/her creativity, which - by the guidance of the stone -  makes whatever venture to be successful. Moreover, the stone lets its wearer let go of whatever it is that is holding him/her back - may they be people or uncontrollable circumstances - from achieving his/her goals in life. In all, experts say that Chrysoprase brings about overall abundance to its wearer in so many aspects of life - career, relationships, self-development.

Stone of Joy and Happiness. Chrysoprase’s ability to release tensions and negative energy makes it a stone for pure joy and genuine happiness. It is believed to only bring the truth, and heals the heart of any anxiety or depression. The stone has the ability to make its wearer always recognize and realize the good side of life when he/she feels like it is difficult, thus only promoting happiness.

Connection to Nature. Like other green-toned gemstones, Chrysoprase is said to draw its wearer closer to nature and the elemental beings. Such gives him/her the gift of nature’s growth, and establishes connection between the person and nature to live harmoniously alongside each other.

Stone of Understanding. Since Chrysoprase aids highly in mediation, it opens up and clears the way of the heart and the mind to a much deeper sense of understanding - one that is not grounded on personal bias, but on the knowledge from the Divine. This enables the wearer to understand circumstances not only about him/herself, but also about other people around; thus keeping a good relationship among each other.

Chrysoprase  Healing Properties

Chrysoprase is not only a splendid green stone with good metaphysical properties. Equally, it is also known for the many physical healing benefits it gives to the one who wears or uses it.

Generally, Chrysoprase is good for cell healing. The stone is believed to aid in cell regeneration that is very important for all systems in the body to work and function well. This includes helping in healing open wounds (which was, according to stories, one of the reasons why Alexander the Great carried the stone with him during war).It may also help in recuperating from some forms of degenerative diseases.

As it is a stone of love and forgiveness that releases the negativity from anxiety and hatred, Chrysoprase is known to help in healing illnesses related to the heart.

Aside from these, this stone is also believed to help in fertility among women - especially those infected with sexually transmitted diseases - and  in keeping the reproductive organs healthy and functioning. Assisting in the assimilation of Vitamin C in the body is also one healing benefit of Chrysoprase.

This stone also helps in the detoxification and elimination of wastes and toxins from the body. It aids in making the kidney and liver function well, so the organs can release any wastes that the body needs to get rid of - such as heavy metals, prescribed medications that have built up inside the body, and substances that do not get easily dissolved.

It also aids in keeping a healthy digestive tract, in such a way that it assists in healing stomach ulcers, and other disorders of the digestive system.

Chrysoprase is not only good for the internal system of the body; but also even to the outer system, particularly the skin. Experts say that the stone helps in treating skin-related diseases including Eczema, some forms of neurodermatitis and dermatitis, and aids in healing fungal infections.

Caring for the Chrysoprase Stone

Although natural Chrysoprase stones are hard and durable, they can also get damaged and, when constantly being exposed to weathering agents, be broken. So, it is very important to note a few helpful tips in how to properly take care of the stone when you have one - or a jewelry piece made of one.

Generally, it is imperative to avoid exposing the stone - or any jewelry made of it - from prolonged exposure to heat or the sun, as it makes the stone’s beautiful apple green color fade. If this happens, the stone or jewelry piece with Chrysoprase stones can be kept in a cool, dark storage to somehow bring its original vividness back.

When cleaning the Chrysoprase stone, use soapy warm water and soft cloth to prevent the stone from getting abrasions and possible scratches.

Takeaway Message

The beauty of a gemstone is both a responsibility of the gem dealer and the buyer. That is why, at Gomggsale, we make sure that our Chrysoprase stones are genuine and of high quality; and we make sure that our customers are informed of tips and techniques to keep their purchased stones safe and still stunning so they can enjoy using them for a long time.

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