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What is Fluorite

What is Fluorite

Fluorite History

Fluorite is derived from the Latin word ‘fluere,’ which means spring or to flow, to refer to the mineral’s characteristic of being able to infiltrate or to flux into cavities to join together two different stones or metals.

Fluorite Physical Properties

Fluorite is a very known fluorescent mineral, which naturally occurs in all colors of the color wheel. This mineral is composed of calcium and fluorine, and has important uses to a wide variety of industries including those that involve ceramic, chemical and metallurgical processes. Other industries also use the mineral as flux for smelting, and in the production of enamels and glass. In other instances, Fluorite samples with extraordinary color and diaphaneity are used as semi-precious gems in the gem and jewelry-making industry. Because of its transparency and translucency, varieties of Fluorite that are characterized with high clarity are also used in making good lenses for cameras, microscopes and telescopes.

Although Fluorite is one of the most varied colored gemstones, it is worth noting that pure Fluorite is innately and naturally colorless. The color variations of the stone depend on the levels and amount of impurities in it - some may have darker gradients, while some, lighter. This is the reason why Fluorite can exhibit colors including red, purple, white, blue, gray, brown, green,black, white yellow, pin and orange among others. Sometimes, too, the stone can appear as multicolored, patterned or banded. Because of its availability in different colors, this stone is deemed as the “The Most Colorful Mineral in the World.” 

Purple is the most famous and sought-after Fluorite mineral color in the gem and jewelry market as it is a good alternative to Amethyst. Vivid yellow, green and blue colors are also popular, but other varieties with seemingly uncommon saturation -  like black, reddish orange or rose, and pink - prove to be more in demand next to deep purple.

Aside from its interesting color assortments, Fluorite is also famous for the unique kind of splendor it gives off when illuminated by light. This ability to transmit light is called fluorescence. This effect creates a beautiful shimmer that adds to the overall attractiveness of the stone in whatever color it takes on. Under short and long-wave ultraviolet light, the stone glows either a blue-violet, or a white / creamy color. Moreover, Fluorite’s fluorescent effect is thought to be the effect of the substitution for calcium, of traces of elements like samarium, yttrium, and europium in the stone’s mineral structure.

Other than its unique fluorescence, Fluorite’s crystal habits and cleavage are also something to look forward to. These crystal shapes and behaviors influence how color banding and patterns appear in the stone. Fluorite usually has either octahedral or cubic crystal forms, and sometimes, even a combination of both. Even without artificial interventions, the stone’s cleavage fragments can go as interesting as either flat triangular-shaped pieces, or flat three dimensional rectangles. Fluorite can also form the so-called ‘fluorite twins,’ which means one crystal (cube) intergrows with another; and in other botryoidal, massive intergrown crystal cube clusters.

However beautiful and perfect this stone may seem for making fashionable, casual jewelry pieces, there is one thing that every gem and jewelry enthusiast should be educated about; and this is the fact that this stone is a relatively brittle one, with a score of 4 on the Mohs scale.

Fluorite Deposits Around the World

Fluorite can be found in cavities and fractures of some carbonate rocks like dolostones and limestones. It is usually found in rocks that have undergone hydrothermal activity.

Across the globe, Fluorite can be found and sourced in different places at certain densities. It is a common rock-forming mineral known especially in the mining industry, and is often called ‘fluorspar.’

Places that have been reported to have significant deposits of Fluorite include Canada, Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, Russia, Pakistan, England, China, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and some other parts of the United States of America.

Fluorite Meanings

Gemstones and minerals have their unique ways of connecting with the spiritual realm, where their energies as crystals are channelled.

Tranquility. Fluorite is a mineral that promotes relaxation and tranquility. It helps in the release of negative energy that disturbs peace and calmness. People who use Fluorite, or who have it in their homes, and most especially their rooms, are likely to have good and peaceful sleep patterns. This stone also helps promote good meditation, which can cleanse and clarify the mind and heart of its wearer from uncertainties and anxieties.

Balance & Harmony. Like its inherent, clear and transparent appearance, Fluorite wards off impurities by laying out what is clear and helping its wearer make concrete decisions; therefore promoting balance and harmony. It also aligns your mind and heart, so that both vital organs come together in achieving what one truly desires.

Spiritual Connection. This stone is also good for nurturing connection with the spiritual realm, through improving psychic communication. Fluorite ushers deeper acquisition of knowledge that can be used in everyday life through the guidance of the spiritual realm. It helps you discover your divine purpose as a being.

Success. As Fluorite cleanses and clarifies the mind and heart, it also promotes self-confidence and strength. It helps its wearer let go of any inhibitions and negative energy that holds him/her back from achieving his/her goals in life. It lets one dream big, which is a stepping stone to attaining sweet success.

Healing Properties of Fluorite

Aside from the many metaphysical properties of the stone, Fluorite is also known to have good physical healing effects.

Fluorite promotes cellular healing and rejuvenation. It aids in releasing toxic chemicals brought about by stress and other negativities that one may regularly encounter.

This stone is also believed to improve the functions  of the skeletal system, the lungs and the teeth.

Others also say that Fluorite helps in the enhancement of one’s sex drive.

There have been a few notions that this stone helps in healing certain kinds of inflammation, but not much evidence has been provided for that. However, because Fluorite helps in getting rid of negative energies and only keeping the good vibrations, this stone is believed to help combat stress and other illnesses that result from it.

Fluorite Crystal in Jewelry-Making

It is true that Fluorite is a brittle stone, but this does not stop jewelry makers from using the stone in their pieces.

Fluorite stones are carefully polished into cabochons, beads and tumbled stones, and are secured in bezels in order to protect them from impacts that may cause their breakage. When the stones are secured, they can then be used to make pendants, bracelets and other jewelry pieces.

If used as a  charm, the stone can be assembled into a jewelry piece together with other lucky stones like Malachite, Agate, Turquoise and Garnet to name a few. However, the stone can also be assembled together with other stones of complementary hues, if it is the presentation or fashionability that is the main goal.


Takeaway Message

There are many ways to benefit from the Fluorite stone. If you want you or your household to be surrounded by the positive energy and good things that the stone attracts, keep it close to you by either placing it in your pocket or in your house. Wearing a jewelry piece or any accentuation made from Fluorite also brings you both luck and fashion all at once.

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