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What is Goldstone

What is Goldstone

Goldstone History

While it is true that not all that glitters are gold, it is quite certain that anything that glitters is something beautiful and attractive - and this is what a Goldstone is. When you are someone who has not been exposed to gems frequently, associating the term ‘Goldstone’ with either gold or stone is pretty normal; but, you might end up surprised upon knowing what it really is!

Goldstone is neither gold, nor a natural stone. It is a man-made glass that has become popular for its glittery and sparkly appearance. It is conventionally referred to as a (type of) ‘stone,’ but to make a clear-cut distinction, it’s made of glass and does not occur naturally unlike the other naturally occurring gemstones. In the gem industry, this stone is called a few names, usually associated with spark and gold. Among which are gold star glass, stellaria, aventurine glass, and monkstone or monk’s gold.

Like the stone’s rather exciting appearance, Goldstone also has an exciting history and story. Because of its glittery inclusions, it was called ‘aventurine glass.’ Before it got its ‘official’ name, it was called a monkstone or monk’s gold which pertains to how the stone was said to be accidentally created by Italian monks back in the 1600’s. It was when someone named Viscenzo Miotti of Venice was granted the licence to exclusively create specimens of this sparkling opaque stone that it was given the name ‘Goldstone.’

Goldstone Physical Properties

The original, and also the most common and least expensive, variety of the Goldstone comes in reddish brown color. Its reddish color is usually brought about by the reddish glittering copper flecks or inclusions you can see in it. Other colors of Goldstone include tinctures that are in the darker side of the color spectrum. These include dark purple dark blue and dark green. These darker hues of Goldstone are created using other compounds of metals (not copper): cobalt for blue, chromium for green, and manganese for purple.

Because of the stone’s particular and special glittery effect, Goldstone is famous and coveted - and is also making a name - in the gem and jewelry industry as a material in making fashionable and dainty jewelry pieces where they are polished into cabochons, cut into different shapes as beads and forms of pendants, or carved into small carvings and sculptures to name a few.

The sparkly and shimmering appearance of Goldstone is interestingly attributed to the multitude of tiny, angular flat-faced and highly reflected inclusions present in the stone that are characterized by bright metallic luster. These glittering inclusions are the result of the slow cooling down of molten glass and copper oxide that make copper ions run towards each other and come together to form octahedral copper crystals. When cooling is slow, copper crystals that contribute to Goldstone’s glitter get larger.

Aside from its fancy sparkling appearance, Goldstone still has other interesting physical properties. Although it is not a natural gemstone, Goldstone’s hardness score usually runs from 5 to 6 in the Mohs scale, which may even be harder than other gems that are natural.

Meaning & Metaphysical Properties of Goldstone

Goldstone does not only leave gem and jewelry enthusiasts in awe with its unique glamour and beauty. Like natural gemstones, this stone also brings different representations and meanings - most of which, beneficial to its wearer or to anyone in possession of it.

Stone of ambition. A quick skim on the internet will yield Goldstone being a stone of ambition among the top results. This is because this stone has been associated with the drive and determination to achieve an end or a goal. It is believed that Goldstone encourages its wearer more to pursue for his / her dreams with focus and a positive disposition. It has the ability to boost one’s confidence, which is essential in pushing forward through the journey until one (eventually and finally) reaches his / her ambitions in life.

Positivity. Goldstone, especially its brownish variety, is also believed to attract and transmit only good energy that brings out positivity. This is a complementary ability to the first mentioned, and is equally essential and beneficial. The stone shakes off malevolent vibrations, and reduces tension so its wearer can see through things and situations with a clear vision and focus. It will shield its wearer from different forms of negative energies that might cause distractions and unfavorable detours.

Stone for the empaths. While Goldstone boosts one’s self confidence, it also increases one’s ability to accept him / herself and helps alleviate - if not totally get rid of - hypersensitivity. This means that the stone enables its wearer to wholly accept his / her flaws and imperfections and develop a genuine self-love that prevents him / her from being wrapped in his / her own insecurities. Hypersensitivity is connected with one’s anxiety towards and about what others may think about him / her, or thinking everything - especially unfavorable situations - happen somehow because or in relation to him / her. This stone is good for these kinds of people as it heals them of their insecurities - the demons they try to constantly battle within themselves -and provide only positivity and self-love.

Generosity. Anyone wearing or using a Goldstone-made jewelry or ornamentation is believed to become more generous and giving to others. The stone helps in keeping him / her grounded and kind.

Interpersonal skills. Aside from the few good metaphysical properties of Goldstone, it is also believed that the stone has the ability to help someone overcome their shyness and come out from their ‘shells.’ The stone helps those who are aloof and alone to open themselves up and eventually make friends with others. The optimistic energy it carries manifests itself in how its wearer builds relationships and connections with others outside him / herself.

Goldstone Physical Healing Properties

Alongside quite a number of good metaphysical properties and meanings, Goldstone is also believed to have several physical healing benefits.

This stone is considered a master healer. It is thought to help in curing body illnesses including arthritis, inflammation and rheumatism.

The stone is also believed to regulate body organs and parts like the urinary tract, the reproductive system and the lower back so they all stay healthy and function well.

Goldstone is also thought to aid in healing illnesses and problems related to the tonsils, the throat and the thyroid gland.

Styling with Goldstone

The fact that Goldstone is a synthetic gemstone does not make it any less desirable and beautiful. In fact, demands for this stone to be used as a raw material in making fashionable jewelry pieces and body embellishments have increased. This is because the stone is already a package of beauty - from its unique glimmering appearance - and practicality - as it is rather more easily sourced and is much cheaper than its natural counterparts.

Goldstones can nicely blend in when it is assembled together with other synthetic stones, or even natural ones. This is because the stone usually comes in earth-toned and safe colors, and its glittering effect just perfectly adds to the overall assembly appearance.

Dark varieties of Goldstone can be arranged together with light-colored or pastel-toned stones to highlight the deep saturation of the stone.

There are a lot of design options for Goldstone, and all of which are fantastic. The most common usage of the stone is in bracelets.

Taking care of a Goldstone 

Like most synthetic stones, Goldstone should be properly taken care of to prevent it from being damaged. Thus, it is recommended to dip the stone - or any jewelry made of it - in soapy lukewarm water, and carefully wipe its surfaces using a cotton ball to clean. The stone needs to be rinsed well using lukewarm water again to keep the temperature. Soft cloth or paper towels can be used to completely dry it up.

Goldstone Sources

Since Goldstone is not a naturally occurring stone, it does not have strict and specific geographical deposits. Its supply is not as limited as its natural counterparts. Globally, manufacturers of high-quality Goldstone specimens can be found in China. But of course, any gem factory with advanced equipment can produce it.

Takeaway message

Goldstone may not be as valuable as other stones, more so as its natural counterparts. But, its quality and aesthetic are not something of a last-notcher. Because producing it is more accessible, much cheaper and more practical, it is definitely going to be a good investment and a dainty addition to one’s jewelry or gem collection. 

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